Happy Tuesday everyone! Here at The Daly Planet, we’re always looking for some new ideas to drop into our usual line-up of insightful entertainment reviews and essays. With that in mind I’d like to introduce you to an idea we’ve been kicking around the last couple of weeks: Trailer Tuesdays. Each Tuesday one of the staff will be submitting a trailer for an upcoming movie that they think you should check out.

For our first entry, I have selected the second trailer for the upcoming Rocky sequel, Creed.  Check it out:

Any of you that know me know how much I love Rocky. The first film is a contender for my favorite movie ever, but even the lesser known sequels have a special place in my heart...except Rocky IV.   Rocky IV is bad and you’re bad for liking it. I thought Rocky Balboa was a perfect sendoff for the Italian Stallion, but after taking one look at this trailer, I’ve realized there’s so much more story to tell. A spiritual successor to the Rocky series, Creed tells the story of former heavyweight champion (now super dead guy) Apollo Creed’s son.   From the looks of it, Rocky takes Lil’ Creed under his wing, training him as he prepares to make a run for his own boxing title.

The incredible Michael B. Jordan playing Adonis Creed is enough to get me excited. The fact that the film is written and directed by Ryan Coogler, who also directed Jordan in the emotionally resonant   Fruitvale Station excites me even more. But, more than any of that, Stallone’s performance in this trailer has me absolutely floored. I’ve been waiting 10 years to see old man Sly give a performance I know he’s capable of, and from the looks of it my wait is about to be over.

Creed is the first Rocky movie not written or directed by Stallone, so there’s a chance that the entry could destroy everything I love about the series. This trailer, however, has convinced me otherwise. Creed is going to be incredible. I cannot wait.

Creed hits theaters on Wednesday, November 25th. If Rocky dies I’m gonna cry all over my Thanksgiving turkey.


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