Trailer Tuesday: THE HATEFUL EIGHT

Have I mentioned lately that I love Quentin Tarantino? Because I do. So much. And one look at this trailer tells you why. Look at it! It’s so pretty. The cinematography! The costumes! The dialogue! That part when Jennifer Jason Leigh hangs herself:


To think that this movie almost didn’t happen after the script leaked a few years ago. Tarantino was so upset about the leak that he cancelled the picture.  Fortunately for all of us he changed his mind as that would have truly been a tragedy. Quentin has proven time and time again that he keeps getting better, and this trailer shows that trend will continue. I mourn the day that Tarantino decides to retire. But until then, at least I have The Hateful Eight to look forward to.

The Hateful Eight comes out December 25th. So Merry Christmas. Also, see it in 70mm, because why the hell wouldn’t you?

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  • Gina DiDonna Daly

    This does look good even if I don’t love Quentin like you do!