The Daly Planet Podcast – Episode 4: Making Contact With THE MARTIAN

The Martian

Hello and welcome to the Podcast formerly known as The Weekly Planet. Yes, we unfortunately had to change our name to “The Daly Planet Podcast”. In our attempts to get onto iTunes we discovered that there’s currently already a podcast entitled “The Weekly Planet.” Nothing will change except the name, which I think we can all agree was super clever and will be missed.

Oh well, on with Pod!

On this week’s episode Matt and I sit down to discuss some recent film news and then talk about how much we love Ridley Scott’s The Martian. Warning! This is a spoiler-heavy review, but according to science, spoilers don’t matter. I also talk about how much Interstellar sucks in comparison because I can’t help but get in a Chris Nolan jab wherever possible. We also get on a tangent about Star Trek because it’s awesome.

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