The Daly Planet Book Club – WOOL – Reading Schedule


Hello fellow book lovers.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we’re launching the Daly Planet Book Club with our first book, Wool by Hugh Howey.  Wool is a self published science fiction novel that Howey original wrote as a web serial (which seems to be a trend these days).  Here’s a synopsis of the novel:

In a ruined and toxic future, a community exists in a giant silo underground, hundreds of stories deep. There, men and women live in a society full of regulations they believe are meant to protect them. Sheriff Holston, who has unwaveringly upheld the silo’s rules for years, unexpectedly breaks the greatest taboo of all: He asks to go outside.

His fateful decision unleashes a drastic series of events. An unlikely candidate is appointed to replace him: Juliette, a mechanic with no training in law, whose special knack is fixing machines. Now Juliette is about to be entrusted with fixing her silo, and she will soon learn just how badly her world is broken. The silo is about to confront what its history has only hinted about and its inhabitants have never dared to whisper. Uprising.

I’ve heard really great things about Wool and I’m excited to get to read and talk about it.  Hope you are too!  We’ve given you a few weeks since we originally announced this so hopefully you’ve had enough time to go out and buy/borrow the book if you’re going to read along. There is still time to buy the book!

The book is broken up into 5 sections, which allows us to further divide it up without messing up the pacing.  With Wool, we’re going to break this up into two sections.

Section 1: Wool Sections 1-3 (~230 pages)
Section 2: Wool Section 4-5 (~270 pages)

Here’s our schedule:

10/30 – Discussion Questions/Topics for Section 1 are due.
11/4 – The Daly Planet Podcast – Wool Section 1 discussion.
11/13 – Discussion Questions/Topics for Section 2 are due.
11/18 – The Daly Planet Podcast – Wool Section 2 discussion.

Remember, you can submit your discussion questions to us via e-mail at or via twitter @dalyplanet films (use the hashtag #DPBC)

Please remember that this is the first time we’ve attempted this so there will be some growing pains involved.  If you have any advice or suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to share them.  Also, please share The Book Club with your friends.  The more people involved the better this will work!

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