Trailer Tuesday: GODS OF EGYPT

Trailer Tuesday is late this week because I was sitting at my desk at a loss for what movie to highlight. Most of the movie’s I’m really excited about have been covered already as we prepare to launch ourselves fully into the holiday movie season. What should I pick! And then the heavens opened and delivered me the above trailer for Gods of Egypt.

You probably expected me to rag on this movie about how ridiculously bad it looks, but what’s the fun in that? This movie has everything I could ask for: Giant snake riders fighting a CGI bigified one-eyed Jamie Lannister. Gerard Butler riding in a chariot drawn by giant scarabs. A buddy comedy in which one of the characters is twice the size of the other. A bunch of white guys playing Egyptians, again. Sign me the hell up.

Gods Of Egypt comes out in February 26th. It promises to be the most accurate depiction of life in ancient Egypt on screen to date.

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