The Daly Planet Podcast – Episode 11: For Love And Pixar

This week on the podcast, Scott and Matt are once again joined by special guest Daniel Freeman to discuss the wonderful world of Pixar.  We discuss the studio’s newest movie, The Good Dinosaur (spoiler free) as well as the rest of their groundbreaking filmography.  It’s a great discussion about what makes Pixar such a successful studio and why we cry every time we watch their films.

Scott also talks about Creed for way too long and we get on random Aliens-related tangents.  Just another day at The Daly Planet!

Next week the three of us are gonna throw down on Superman’s latest: Man of Steel.  Scott thinks it sucks, Daniel thinks it’s great, and Matt just likes to annoy Scott.  


Daniel Recommends: Twig, A Web Serial
Scott Recommends: Creed
Matt Recommends: Dr. Strangelove
Up Opening Scene
Ratatouille – Critic Scene
Things Owen Wilson Says

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