This trailer!

Shane Black, the writer of Lethal Weapon and director of one of my favorite films, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (as well as the little-known Iron Man 3) returns to the screen in a big way with this first trailer for his new film, The Nice Guys. Black has a unique voice, energy, and style that I can’t help but love. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was like nothing I had ever seen before. Even Iron Man 3, a huge studio production, managed to feel more like a Shane Black movie than a Marvel one.  

So it’s no surprise that I love this trailer.  It’s clear through just these couple minutes that this film will be in classic Shane Black style: great energy, dark comedic moments, and a buddy team up for the ages. Somehow, a whinier Ryan Gosling and and thicker Russell Crowe seem like the perfect pairing that only Shane Black could produce. I can tell just from this trailer these two actors are going to play off each other perfectly as they wander around clearly in over their heads. Also, they really don’t seem like very nice guys…

The Nice Guys comes out Summer 2016.  That’s like 47 comic book movies from now.  Damnit.

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