I’m kind of cheating with this one, because I already saw High-Rise while at Fantastic Fest this year, but I think it actually makes me appreciate this trailer even more. Acting as a marketing campaign for the high rise apartments the film is set in, the trailer does a great job of setting up the strange tone of the film while managing to give absolutely nothing away.

High-Rise is a weird film, like nothing you’ve seen before and still like nothing you’d expect…even after seeing this trailer. I really hate the phrase “this isn’t for everyone” but this movie probably isn’t for everyone. Many of you might be put off by the sheer amount of madness that permeates this movie. I hope, at least, this trailer has piqued your interest. 

Also you get to see Tom Hiddleston’s butt.  So there’s that.

High-Rise comes out March 18 in the UK.  Hopefully Hiddlebutt will hit American shores not long after that.

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