You’re Doing Netflix Wrong


Earlier today I had the great displeasure of reading the following statement released by Netflix:

The Ridiculous Six, by way of example, in the first 30 days on Netflix it’s been the most-watched movie in the history of Netflix,” said Sarandos. “It’s also enjoyed a spot at #1 in every territory we operate in, and in many of them it’s still #1.” (source)

What the hell did you people do?

Please note that this is not just their most watched original Netflix produced movie; It is the most watched movie that has been on Netflix ever. Guys. Please stop it. Adam Sandler is terrible. The Ridiculous Six is terrible. The only reason this film wasn’t on my top 10 list is because I already had TWO Sandler movies on there and I felt like it was pushing it. For the love of all that is wonderful, stop giving Adam Sandler money. The guy is fully aware that what he’s doing is absolute shit, but he doesn’t care and he’ll keep on not caring as long as we keep on throwing money at him. Don’t give him the satisfaction.

Look, I’m a reasonable guy. I understand your plight. It’s a weekday night and you’re sitting on the couch trying to figure out what to watch. Right there on the top of your screen is a big Adam Sandler face. He’s looking like he’s having fun up there. You liked Billy Madison 20 years ago and Westerns are cool, right? NO!


Guys, Netflix is awesome. They have a really incredible amount of high quality content. So much so that it can be daunting to sift through the weeds to find the good stuff. I understand that. In the spirit of making you people spend your time watching much better movies, we here at The Daly Planet are here to help. Here is a list of (new and old) movies that are all way better than The Ridiculous Six:

There’s Ten. Go watch these instead and then maybe you can feel less terrible about what you’ve done.

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