Trailer Tuesday: GREEN ROOM

Green Room was one of the films I got to see at Fantastic Fest last October. It was one of my favorite films of the festival and part of the reason why I decided to go again this year. And movies like this are why you should too. Fantastic Fest is great! 2016 Badges are on sale right now!

But I digress. A24 dropped the first full length, red band trailer for Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room earlier this morning and it is wonderful. The preview sets up our situation quickly but effectively. More than that, though, it really sells the tension of the film. And tense it is. I saw the film after a long day of drinking and movie watching and it kept me wide awake, squirming on the edge of my seat. The trailer is slightly more spoilery than I would like, but I am still convinced that this movie will surprise everyone regardless. Green Room is intense, brutal, and riveting. Watch this trailer. Watch this movie.

Green Room opens on April 15th. Patrick Stewart plays a crazy Neo-Nazi!  What more do you need!?


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