Trailer Tuesday: THE JUNGLE BOOK

Disney has been all about making live action versions of their cartoons lately. Last year’s Cinderella turned out to be pretty good and we have an Emma Watson backed Beauty and the Beast to look forward to next year (IMDb has not yet confirmed if she will be playing beauty or the beast). This year brings us Jon Favreau’s live action adaptation of the classic The Jungle Book. ‘Live action’ in this case means ‘little Indian boy surrounded by tons of CGI’.

While everyone was in an uproar about Beyoncé murdering a cop during the Super Bowl halftime show, Disney dropped the newest trailer for The Jungle Book, which you can watch above. The CGI looks legitimately wonderful and the voice talent involved is enough to get me interested, but honestly, I’m not sure how I feel. For some reason photorealistic animals’ lips moving as they’re talking weirds me the hell out. Is that just me? Either way, I’m really happy the bear from The Revenant landed another gig so quickly after the unfortunate Leo DiCaprio rape incident.

The Jungle Book comes out April 15th. That’s also when your taxes are due. There’s a ‘bear necessities’ joke in there somewhere, but I’m all tapped out.

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