Michael Shannon is a national treasure. The actor might not always be the leading man in his films, but he leaves an impact whenever he does. If you haven’t seen his cameo in They Came Together, fix this immediately. Most people’s introduction to Shannon was his turn as General Zod in 2013’s Man of Steel. As many problems as that film has (roughly 472, I’ve counted) Shannon is not one of them.

Which is partially why I’m so excited for Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special, the new trailer for which you can watch above. I don’t have a real great idea about what exactly this movie is, but it appears to be channeling some Spielbergian Close Encounters vibe, which I’m all about. It also had Adam Driver in it being another evil weirdo, this time sans lightsaber (or is he?). Regardless, with this cast, the footage shown in this trailer, and my knowledge of Nichols’ previous work (Mud, Take Shelter), I’m definitely in on this movie. You should be too.

Midnight Special premiers on April 18th. Not at midnight though. Probably just at normal movie times.

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