The Daly Planet’s 2016 Oscars Coverage: Recap


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Another year, another Oscars, another handful of predictions that I got wrong.This year’s ceremony was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Chris Rock absolutely killed it hosting, reminding us all why he is one of the world’s best stand up comedians. More on him later though. First I want to go through the awards that I got wrong.

Visual Effects:
What I picked: Mad Max: Fury Road
What won: Ex Machina

As much as I thought Mad Max was deserving of the prize, I’m pleasantly surprised with this outcome. Ex Machina was a film with a 15 million dollar budget whose special effects were absolutely integral to the film’s success. Ava had to look like a machine but simultaneously feel real, occupying that weird space between both. It’s wonderful effects work and worthy of the win.

Sound Mixing:
What I picked: The Revenant
What won: Mad Max: Fury Road

The Academy usually splits these two categories amongst the two biggest films of the year so I had this one going to The Revenant. Not because I thought it deserved to win, mind you. Another pleasant surprise here! The sound, both editing, mixing, and score in Fury Road were masterfully done. Two wrong categories in and I’m not mad yet!

Short Film – Live Action
What I picked: Shok
What won: Stutterer

I said in my post on Thursday that I absolutely loved all the Short films this year, but that Stutterer was my favorite. I didn’t think it would win because it’s one of those light, cheery feel good films in a category of hauntingly depressing tales (aka movies that The Academy loves to vote for). Wrong again, Scott!

Music – Original Song
What I picked: “Til It Happens To You” from The Hunting Ground
What won: “Writings On The Wall” from Spectre

Right before the winner of this category was announced, Lady Gaga performed this song on stage to thunderous applause. She brought real survivors of sexual assault on stage to share in the powerful moment. So of course it lost to Sam Smith’s sub-par Bond theme. To me this is a classic case of Academy voters looking at a list and only recognizing one song on it.

Best Supporting Actor
What I picked: Slyvester Stallone – Creed
What won: Mark Rylance – Bridge of Spies

Mark Rylance is a wonderful actor and seems like the nicest guy ever. His performance in Bridge of Spies was one of the best things about the film. BUT COME ON! SLY!!!!! I can’t be unbiased here. I love Rocky and Creed and I wanted to see the man get his Oscar. We will now always wonder what amazing things Stallone would have said in his acceptance speech. It is a sad day.

Best Picture
What I picked: The Revenant
What won: Spotlight

Sometimes in life, things don’t always go your way. Slyvester Stallone doesn’t win. George Miller loses the directing award to a much less competent and much more pompous Alejandro Innaritu. But every once and awhile things just work out. When Morgan Freeman read Spotlight instead of The Revenant, I had one of those moments. Yes, I would have preferred if Mad Max had taken home the big prize, but Spotlight was such a powerful, well crafted film that I’m completely happy with this outcome. Another moment last night where I was really ok with being wrong.

So there you have it. 18/24 isn’t too bad, right?

It’s hard to recap the Oscars without talking about Chris Rock’s hosting and the #Oscarsowhite controversy. Rock didn’t shy away from it either, choosing instead to embrace it full on, and constantly draw attention to it throughout the entire run of the show. The show became one of the most incisive critics of the diversity problem in Hollywood and I loved every minute of it. Some of you have said you’re tired of hearing about racism, but it’s only by constantly and consistently drawing attention to problems that we actually are able to solve them. I hope the steps the Academy has taken will help increase diversity amongst nominees, but this is a Hollywood issue as a whole.

All in all it was a great show. Funny, poignant, and with only a few awards that didn’t make any sense. That’s about as much as you can expect from the Oscars.

Best Moments:

  • Brie Larson hugs each and every individual victim of sexual assault as they walk off stage. The cameras didn’t catch it, but look it up, it happened.
  • Every minute of Chris Rock’s opening monologue
  • Leo’s acceptance speech. As much as I didn’t want to see Leo win for The Revenant, his acceptance speech was great. Leo is a big climate change activist, so it’s no surprise that he chose that moment to discuss his passion, and he pulled it off. I’m happy that the guy finally got his Oscars.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road takes home SIX awards. I got a lot of texts during the course of that presentation asking of the film was really as good as the Oscars were making it seem. Yes. Yes it was.
  • This entire bit:


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