Trailer (Super) Tuesday: THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR

It’s Super Tuesday and Donald Drumpf is about to cement his lead in the GOP nomination for President. So what better time to talk about a movie in which a warped, corrupt government has legalized murder for one day a year in order to cull the poorest members of society.

I’ve loved the idea of The Purge more than I’ve ever actually liked the films themselves. The first squandered the amazing premise to tell a by-the-book home invasion story. The second delved more into the insane idea and the social commentary it represented and was much better for it. The trailer above for the third entry into the series, The Purge: Election Year seems to be even more fully embracing this concept, grappling with the political nature of the yearly purge full on. Also Frank Grillo is back as the security detail for Juliette from Lost. I could always use some more Grillo. The Purge: Election Year promises more crazy violence and biting political commentary, so it should be equally fun and depressing.  

I am curious where all these purgers get their crazy purge masks? Is there a purge mask emporium that opens the week before the purge selling all your purge needs?. Actually now that I think of it, that seems like something that would definitely happen. Yay capitalism.

The Purge: Election Year comes out July 1st. Until then, you can enjoy watching the below TV spot that has been playing during recent GOP debates. Hilarious.


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