Trailer Tuesday: GHOSTBUSTERS


Last week, the above first trailer for the new Ghostbusters reboot dropped and the results were….umm…extremely mixed. Many people hated the trailer. Many people said it wasn’t funny. Many people still don’t understand why the Ghostbusters have to all be girls. These people are mostly dudes who thought the original Ghostbusters was God’s gift to the world and don’t know how to react when cinema is not catered exclusively to them (also known as assholes). As someone who watched the original film so many times that the VCR tape broke, the original movie was and is one of my favorite films of all time. So how do I feel about the Ghostbusters  (2016) trailer?

It’s pretty great! It introduces our cast of female ghost exterminators, played by some truly great comedians. It lays down the basic plot. It shows off all the new gadgets, including some amazing proton knucklebuster thing McCarthy is wearing. The ghosts also look great, kind of a CGI upgraded version of the great practical effects of the original film. Kate McKinnon being full on weird had me cracking up.

The trailer is not without its problems, of course. It’s a bit too long and the beginning part is both slow and kind of confusing. Is this a reboot or a sequel? The rest of the trailer seems to indicate reboot, but this beginning seems to say sequel. Not all of the jokes land, either. Melissa McCarthy saying “that’s gonna leave a mark” after being hit in the face is particularly eye-rolling. But this is normal in most Paul Feig trailers, which commonly save the best jokes for the actual film. Do I need to mention how bad the trailer for Spy was? Also, feel free to get upset about the black character (Leslie Jones) being the only one on the team that’s not a scientist…again. But before you do, maybe ask Jones how she feels about it. Spoiler: She doesn’t give a shit.

Overall, this trailer did its job. It showed us the characters and gave us an idea of the tone and style of the film. And it left me excited. Do we really need another Ghostbusters film? Probably not. But if we’re going to get one (and in this world of reboots, remakes and long awaited sequels, we definitely are), I’m alright with it being this one.

Ghostbusters hits theaters on July 15th, where it will surely fail to live up to the outlandish expectations placed on it by crazy ghostnuts who will in turn blame this failure on the all-women cast. Isn’t the internet just the best?

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