GOT Trailer! Recap! Reactions! Clickbait!

The first thing we notice is the song, “Wicked Game” which sets an interesting tone, much more intimately emotional and less epic and bombastic than what we’ve been confronted with in previous seasons.

We’re given a crane shot of Jon Snow lying “dead” in the yard of Castle Black. Far be from me to read anything into the fact that this is the opening shot meant to set expectations for the coming season.

(Probably) the ship carrying Jaime returns to King’s Landing, followed by a shot of what I interpret to be Jaime desperately trying to reclaim some kind of solidarity with Cersei after telling her that her daughter is dead.

A shot of Ramsay and Roose Bolton, reminding us that they’re in this show.

Melisandre showing remorse and disillusionment that Stannis’ force was destroyed after she foresaw a victory. From the 3 frames of her face that we’re given, I’m going to assume that she’s being genuine here, and we can conclude that she didn’t intentionally send Stannis into a trap.

Jorah exists.

Confirmation of the fan theory that Daenerys is in fact being taken to Vaes Dothrak.

Reminder that Jonathan Pryce (the High Sparrow) always has great delivery.

Sansa exists and wears heavy, Stark-ish coats in dark colors now.

The only shot in the trailer featuring the Protagonist, Tyrion, depicts him looking fearful in the dark. Not a lot to go on, here.

We know that there is going to be violence in this season. We know this because we have a shot of the Reanimated Gregor Clegane Zombie followed by Cersei telling us, “I choose violence.”

Swords, horses, archers, Arya gets hit in the face. See? We told you, there’s violence in this show.

Looks like Theon is either getting murdered or else he’s doing the Iron Islands Drowned God ceremony, which, I don’t know, have we seen this at all in the show at this point?

An (intentionally) obfuscated shot of Brienne killing some dudes. It might actually be a shot from the end of the last season. The setting and lighting cues are reminiscent of the scene where she confronts Stannis.

Nudity count: 1

Now we’re bringing Jon Snow’s body back into things. Why would that be relevant?

Nudity count: 2

Swords. Fighting things. Arya has the Skinchanger eyes for a second.

29 year old Bran appears to be standing and turns to find the Night King standing beside him. I’m going to assume this is one of his visions.

The final sequence is an intentionally confusing series of words and images that tells us that Ser Davos is about to fight someone in close proximity to Jon Snow’s body for some reason. Again, I can’t imagine why we keep getting these scenes revolving around Jon Snow’s dead body. He’s dead, and they’ve gone really suspiciously far out of their way to remind us of that.

Things we didn’t see:

Stannis. This suggests he’s actually dead, which disrupts a lot of fan theories that would have him become the new Night’s King.

Myrcella Baratheon. Mildly suggests that she’s actually dead, but she’s not important enough to have been in the trailer anyway.


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  • Brandi Fortelny

    29 year old Bran hahaha I almost didn’t recognize him with his new adult makeover.