I was originally going to talk about the new Captain America: Civil War trailer that dropped last week. I had planned to discuss how excited I am for this movie and how I believe Marvel’s strategy for telling this story fundamentally differs from DC’s approach with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was gonna be really great.

Then I saw a trailer about a bunch of talking food dropping F bombs and everything changed. Sausage Party, the ‘first R-rated CG movie’ comes from the Rogen/Goldberg team-up that brought us Superbad, This is the End, and The Interview. These movies are at best incredibly hilarious and at worst a pretty good time, so I’m already in.

The concept is pretty simple: Toy Story with food. While I’m worried that it’s something that could get old before the film ends, this trailer has me thinking it won’t. There’s just something about baby carrots screaming “For the love of shit, run!” that just works for me. Also, the Saving Private Ryan-esque scene with the the Spaghetti can trying to shove the noodles back inside itself destroyed me. With a fun concept and a really stellar cast (Ed Norton is in this movie), I’m all about attending this sausage party.

Sausage Party comes out August 12th. I can’t wait til parents take their children thinking it’s a family friendly film. Can. Not. Wait.

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