This week on the podcast, Scott and Matt get really in depth with one of their favorite directors of all time: Wes Anderson. We go through each one of Wes’ iconic filmography and say “I love this movie” at least 16 times.  We also discuss the latest movie (read: comic book movie) news and talk about what we’ve been watching.

Next week, is our Game of Thrones Season 6 preview pod. Join us as we pick apart the released trailers and try to figure what is going to happen this season!

Rated R Cut of Batman V Superman heading to theaters?
Superman isn’t dead! (duh)
Spider-Man: Homecoming will have The Vulture in it
Rogue One!

What We’ve Been Watching:
Matt: A Walk Among The Tombstones / Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Scott: The Invitation / Hardcore Henry

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