Nicolas Winding Refn is one of film’s most visually impressive directors, constantly pushing the envelope on what cinema can do and show. His most commercially successful venture, the neo-noir heist film Drive is a great film whose legacy is only slightly damaged by it’s weirdly obsessive fans (I’m looking at you annoying guys who went out and bought a white scorpion jacket. You’re not cool. Stop it.). His follow up to Drive was the less successful Only God Forgives. A colorful, brutal, and disturbing film that I absolutely loved. It’s been three long years since, but Refn is finally returning to the big screen with The Neon Demon, the first trailer for which you can watch above.

Watching this trailer is a visual feast that I cannot get enough of. The colors, geometry (triangles!), and tone that this thing is setting look right up my alley. The Neon Demon is being described as a Noir Horror film about an aspiring actress/model’s entrance into the seedy Hollywood underbelly. Judging by this trailer shit’s gonna get crazy. Sex! Jealousy! Murder! Triangles! I cannot wait.

The Neon Demon premieres at Cannes this May and then hopefully opens wide in June-ish. This movie also has Keanu Reeves in it! Keanu Reeves!


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