The Daly Planet Podcast – Episode 37: The World’s Finest – Video Game Movies

This week on the Podcast Scott and Matt are joined by frequent guest Michael Grubb to launch another recurring series: The World’s Finest. On this series, a topic or theme is selected and each podcast member selects a film that best exemplifies that theme.  This week, in honor of the release of Warcraft, each of us have selected what we feel is The World’s Finest Video Game Movies.

Michael’s Selection: Silent Hill
Matt’s Selection: Mortal Kombat
Scott’s Selection: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Listen to us defend our selected movies and then get involved in the process by choosing which of our three movies is really The World’s Finest.  You can vote in the comments section on this article, or if you’re listening on iTunes or Android, you can put in your vote via email ( or Twitter (@dalyplanetfilms). Which video game movie is really The World’s Finest? You decide!

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