The Daly Planet Podcast – Episode 31: Happy ALIEN Day!

This week on the podcast, Scott and Matt are joined by guest Daniel Freeman to celebrate Alien day and discuss the two classic films Alien and Aliens. We talk about how much of an impact these films had on our childhood and why they still work so well today. At the end we decide definitively which is the better movie: Ridley Scott’s masterpiece horror film or James Cameron’s Vietnam-in-space action movie. We also discuss the latest news

Turner Classic Movies and Criterion Collection forming new streaming service: FilmStruck
Jumanji Re-make starring The Rock is coming!
Neil Blomkamp’s Aliens sequel is  (unfortunately) still happening

What we’ve been watching:
Daniel: The Expanse
Matt: Prescription Thugs
Scott: Then Huntsman: Winters War / Much Ado About Nothing

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