This week The Daly Planet Podcast hit our first major Patreon related goal! Thanks Patrons for all of your support! This milestone allows us the funds to spin off We’ve Got Worm into it’s own separate show with a separate RSS Feed! Starting next month, you’ll be able to subscribe directly to We’ve Got Worm on whatever platform you listen to the podcast (Unless you’re on Youtube – You guys will just keep listening via your currently subscribed channel).

Why are we doing this? Well, in the last 2 months We’ve Got Worm has grown incredibly fast. Matt and I have been podcasting regularly for almost two years and while we’ve struggled to slowly build an audience, we’ve never seen the amount of crazy growth we’re currently seeing. Here’s a little taste of what that growth looks like:

I know you can’t see numbers there, but look at those peaks! That’s like four Everests! Or other tall mountains!

So, we wanted to show respect to this growth and to our audience by separating and branding WGW as it’s own thing. The show will always be a Daly Planet Films production, but I believe this move demonstrates our commitment to continuing long into the future. We’re going to complete Worm by the end of this year, but we’re having so much fun that I promise we’re not done there.

We’ve traditionally used The Daly Planet Podcast feed as kind of a testing ground for a lot of new show ideas. Matt and I jumped head first into podcasting taking a “let’s figure it out as we go” approach. If you’ve been subscribed for any amount of time prior to Worm, you’ve most likely noticed this. Phantom Zoned, Kryptonian Collection, Deconstructing Directors, Daly Planet University and others. We test out a lot of different shows. I’m proud of just about every single piece of content we’ve produced here, but with the increased audience I want to make sure that efforts are focused where they’re most wanted. I want the people here for Worm talk to have a feed that caters to them. And people that are here for TV, movies, other books, and the random stuff we talk about every once and awhile to have a feed for them too. If you happened to be here for both, yay!

That being said, if you subscribed to the Daly Planet Podcast feed specifically for Worm I hope you consider sticking around once WGW shifts over to its new home. With Worm on it’s own channel, it will allow me to refocus The Daly Planet Podcast on what we originally wanted it to be: A place where I can gather some fellow film critics and talk about film and TV criticism and nerd out about the art we love.

Matt and I have a ton of plans. For We’ve Got Worm. For The Daly Planet Podcast. For in general. It’s a very exciting time here and we’re so glad that you all are a part of it.

We’ll be sure to let you guys know when the new feed is officially launched. For now, you can follow us on twitter @dalyplanetfilms and our new We’ve Got Worm twitter @gotwormpod to stay caught up all the latest podcast related news!


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