The Daly Planet Podcast – Episode 72: WONDER WOMAN

Continuing the tradition of diving into each of the DCEU films, Scott and Matt are joined this week by friend of the pod and infamous comic book movie hater to discuss Wonder Woman. Have the guys finally found a DC movie they like?

Kind of!

Spoilers for Wonder Woman begin at 24:30.
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  • Regvlas

    Scott-Batman isn’t really a “normal” person, since he grew up as a billionaire.
    I also think it’s important to note that the town that Diana saves gets gassed. It doesn’t matter that she freed the slaves. And I think the non-Matt/Scott guy needs to read Worm.

    • He has! He just doesn’t like it as much as Matt or I, because he tends to hate things that are good.

  • Hang Bernie Madoff

    I’m certain I won’t be the last person to comment on this. But there were no Nazi’s in this film. This is WW1 not WW2. Germany is really only the “bad guys” in the sense that they’re not on the same side as the Americans and British.

    WW1 is the seminal tragedy of the 20th century. Nobody really wanted it, nothing was really gained by it, but it happened because of a long series of bad decisions by the people in power. I really wish they had stressed that more in the movie (like having the Lasso of Truth react in some way when Steve Trevor called the Germans the bad guys) because it fits with the idea of the film that Diana’s black and white worldview does not work in WW1.

    Humans caused WW1 and they decided to start using weapons like Mustard Gas themselves.

    BTW. Diana’s entire point as a bringer of peace and an ender of the madness of war is kind of undercut by how she saves the day by beating someone to death. I get it. It’s a superhero movie. It’s got to end in a giant climactic fight scene, but something about ending the madness of war by murdering the god of war doesn’t quite jell with the rest of the movie’s message.

    • There is a moment near the end of the podcast where Michael, the guy who was saying Nazis, realizes that he was referencing the wrong war. I hadn’t noticed he used that word until much later.

      I don’t fully disagree with your interpretation of the ending, though I will state that part of Diana’s growth through the movie is learning that it is, in fact, impossible to bring peace and end the madness of war. The only way to do that would be to follow Ares and wipe out all of humanity. As long as we remain, peace will never be fully achieved. The madness of war will continually occur. Diana kills Ares not to end all wars and bring peace, but rather as a symbolic rejection of the idea that humans are not worthy of existence.

      • Hang Bernie Madoff

        Fair enough.
        The movie left me with one big question though and one hilarious realization.

        Question: Where was Wonder Woman during WW2? I think we can all agree there was much less of a moral grey area there.

        Hilarious Realization: Throughout most of the movie Diana seemed to be trying to avoid killing people. She usually only used her sword to break weapons and defeated soldiers via punches, kicks, and throws. While she did slash a few people (and some of those people she threw 20 ft through the air probably didn’t survive) we never saw any blood and as strong as she is she could have cut them in twain if she wanted to.
        This means that Wonder Woman, a warrior princess, fighting soldiers during a war probably killed fewer people than Batman fighting criminals in Gotham City during peacetime.

        • Question: Yeah I’d love for them to make the follow up to this movie take place during WWII (You could just call the movie WWII).

          Realization: That is perfect. I love it.

  • Robert Rader

    Maybe GRRM should pass the reins off to Wildbow?