We’ve Got WORM – Episode 15.5: Colony (Part 2)

Happy Wormsday! Welcome to another exciting episode of We’ve Got Worm, our weekly show dissecting the web serial Worm, arc by arc. As always, Parahumans expert Matt leads first time reader Scott on an epic journey where they discuss, debate, and nerd out on this excellent book.

This week the guys finish up Arc 15: Colony by discussing Chapters 15.6 through the end of the Arc. Its an episode all about family. The family we choose, the family we don’t, the family we horribly stab with thousands of bugs just for the sake of a crazy plan to take down your evil boss even though you don’t actually have a plan and just did a horrible thing for no reason at all… Yeah, Scott gets kind of mad at Taylor in this one.

As always if you have any questions, comments or feedback feel free to reach out to us. Also, always make sure you check out the Parahumans Reddit thread: https://reddit.com/r/parahumans for lots of great Worm related discussion.

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This episode’s cover art created by YunYunHakusho

We’ve Got Worm Cover Image Art created by Lonsheep.

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