So-Called Writers #1: Employee, gland, minute

Welcome to the So-Called Writers Podcast, the show where Matt and Michael (and anybody else who wants to participate!) write 30-minute stories based on a random three-word prompt and then talk about what we learned.

This week’s prompt: Employee, gland minute. Read Matt and Michael’s stories here, and check out the audience submissions in the reddit thread.

Next week’s prompt: Election, hoe, value.

If you want to participate for next week’s show, visit the reddit thread for next week and post your story. You must use the three words (election, hoe, value), and you get bonus Internet points for making the words central to your story. You can think as long as you like, but you have only 30 minutes by the clock to do your writing. We suggest using a timer. Then tell us what you learned from the exercise.

If you choose to participate, Matt and Michael will try to discuss your story on the podcast.

Get writing!

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