A Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner from the Daly Planet

It’s Thanksgiving, and Lord knows we’re all terrified. You’re going to have to sit through a meal with your family. And you know what’s going to happen. Come on. Don’t make me say it. You know. Somebody is going to say something about politics. And once that happens, well, it’s going to rapidly devolve into your personal Vietnam. Or your personal Stalingrad, depending on your political starting point.

Thankfully, we here at the Daly Planet have written this handy guide for navigating those awkward moments.

  1. If your Uncle Bob has too much eggnog and mentions Net Neutrality, you can tactfully segue into a discussion of the importance of keeping the Internet clean and free so that we can all continue to listen to podcasts, such as, for example, the Daly Planet’s We’ve Got Worm, a deep textual analysis of the hit superhero web serial Worm.
  2. Maybe your dad will mention something having to do with the government. Anything at all, literally anything. This prompts you to bring up the complex political circumstances that evolve when superpowers are on the table as a pragmatic issue.
  3. What if the political knife fight gets underway when you’re out of the room stealing deviled eggs from the kitchen? Generally speaking, I personally find the best way to derail political arguments is to just interrupt and then talk and talk and talk and not give anybody else a chance to ever get a word in edgewise. Some people can’t manage this, for whatever reason. That’s why we suggest just finding the fan-made Worm Audiobook Project podcast on your phone and playing it at maximum volume. We guarantee that your folks will quickly lose interest in whatever they were talking about as they get sucked into the adventures of Taylor Hebert and her gang.
  4. If your whole family has already read Worm, then you can interrupt any budding political confrontation by reminding all present that the long-awaited sequel, Ward, started up earlier this month. Everyone will be so overjoyed and – dare I say it – thankful for this reminder, that they will all join hands in a spontaneous rendition of Fah Hoo Foraze or whatever that song is called.

We hope this helps. I rely on these tips pretty heavily in my daily life, so I’m sure you’ll get some mileage out of them.

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  • John clark

    You can convince your whole family to read Worm?!? I bow in the presence of persuasive greatness.