Here at The Daly Planet we love covering the vast landscape of movies, TV, books, or anything else we feel like talking about. On this website, you can find reviews, podcasts, in-depth essays and analysis, and even our own book club. Also sometimes Scott writes about reality TV because he hates himself.

In order to sufficiently cover the vast amounts of entertainment available to the world in the 21st century, The Daly Planet has assembled an crack team of people we’re related to or knew in college once. Learn more about each of us below:

Scott Daly (@scottdaly85) – Editor In Chief
Scott lives in Dallas, Texas where he spends way too much of his time talking about, thinking about, and watching movies.  He likes just about any kind of movie but has a special place in his heart for horror and films in which Rocky Balboa punches things.  Scott’s super power is being really good at pretending like he knows what he’s talking about.

Matt Freeman (@moridinamael) – Managing Editor
Matt lives in Colorado with his wife and two little children. He watches a lot of kids movies, sometimes with the kids present. He also loves science fiction literature and films, and he demonstrates that love through his relentless, humorless acid criticism of every new entry into the genre.

James Gentry (@wenchtweet) – Associate Editor
James lives in Texas where he helps dissatisfied end users escape the clutches of menacing email hosting providers using the Underground Railroad for Email Migration or UREM. In his free time he enjoys reading, talking, listening to and thinking all things A Song of Ice and Fire series; yes he has a really healthy (unhealthy) obsession with George R.R. Martin’s well known literary masterpiece. He also enjoys watching Game of Thrones and other thought-provoking TV shows past and present, as well as making it his life goal to complete Scott’s recommended movie list, which unfortunately will never happen because he churns out movie suggestions faster than your favorite streaming pal, Netflix.

Cyndee Daly (@Cyndee_Daly) – Writer
Cyndee, Scott’s older sister, cares for her two small children all day in Lewisville, Texas.  In her spare time, she enjoys movies that are less than 2 hours, non-children’s TV shows, and devouring books of all kinds. She is such a massive nerd that she has an Excel spreadsheet of every book she’s read since 2006 and another with every book she wants to read, which never seems to get any shorter.

Melissa Daly (@Melissa_AWWYEAH)- Writer
Melissa is Scott’s younger sister (yay, nepotism) who lives in Texas, currently known as one of the last states in the union to still ban gay marriage. She is a team lead at an insurance tracking company where she makes sure houses and businesses are properly insured. In her free time she studies anthropology and watches cultural documentaries in order to recover from the horrors of American capitalism. Her favorite films are The Fountain and Lord of the Rings and her favorite part of movies is the score.

Daniel Freeman (@bucketofkets) – Writer
Daniel is Matt’s younger brother who lives in Berkeley, California.  He’s a graduate student studying Physics at UC Berkeley and Blog Editor at the Berkeley Science Review, which means that he writes a lot of unreadable code and develops extensive metaphors for describing entanglement to laypeople.  Daniel sincerely believes that there’s something redeeming about every work of art, and enjoys watching really terrible movies to discern what that thing is.

Colin Robins (@ohitscolin) – Writer
Colin Robins is a PhD student at TCU, where he studies American Literature. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife.