We are proud to announce The Daly Planet’s Kryptonian Collection! Check out the complete list here!

Named after the home planet of the one and only Superman, the Kryptonian Collection is a list representing the greatest films that our world has to offer. If, one day, the Earth is destined to go the way of Krypton, we here at The Daly Planet feel it is our duty and privilege to compile a list of the greatest films of all time (at least according to a couple of 30-year-old white American dudes). In the event of our planet’s destruction, these films will be launched into the void of space where they will one day crash on an alien planet and provide comfort and hope for an all new world.  

Every month, the venerated Council of El will gather on The Daly Planet Podcast. A special guest will nominate a film of their choice for consideration to join the Collection. The guest will present their arguments and the Council will argue and debate on the merits and weaknesses of the nominated film. At the end of the podcast, a vote will be taken. If the film receives enough votes, it will be entered into The Kryptonian Collection to be forever remembered and venerated as one of the best movies the Earth has ever produced.

The Rules:

  • For the first film, the Council of El will consist of only two members: Scott & Matt.  The first guest has the Herculean task of convincing 100% of the council that the film is worthy to enter the sacred Collection (Both Matt and Scott must vote yes). If the guest is successful at this, his reward will be an invitation to join the Council of El as a voting member.
  • From this point forward, each time a guest nominates a film for consideration, they must convince two-thirds of the active council members that it is worthy of entrance. If they are successful, the guest will replace the previously admitted member and join the Council of El to vote on the next movie.
  • If the film does not receive the required 2 of the 3 votes, it will be forever banished from consideration. The nominated guest will not be allowed a seat on the council and the former council member will retain his seat until a film is successfully admitted.
  • All Council members must have recently watched the film prior to calling a meeting to vote.
  • With very few exceptions, only one film per Director will be admitted. When selecting their nominees, guests should be aware of this and attempt to select the best work a Director has produced. (Exceptions will probably include history’s greatest directors: Spielberg, Kubrick, Hitchcock, etc)
  • While the film’s influence and impact on both the film and the world, in general, should be taken into account, the Kryptonian Collection is not merely a list of the most “influential” films of all time. It is a list of the greatest films. An influential film that fails to also be a well made, entertaining movie will not fare well.
  • The Kryptonian Collection has no hard cap on length. The Council will continue to hear arguments for new films as long as there are worthy films left to be considered.